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Tired of Selling Candy?

Fundraising with Cakepans by Karen
Raising funds for charitable causes and special community projects can sometimes be a demanding job. Normally right after a group decides they would like to run a fundraiser, the next question they find themselves facing is, "How will we raise funds?" There are many different options available and many fundraising products available for their use in the marketplace. As our customers have found, the key to a successful fundraiser is to find a product which people actually want and get excited about!

With unique and quality minded cake pans, our customers have realized record fundraising sales and pure customer delight! Our beautfiul personalized cakepans have proven to be some of the most successful fundraisers in our customers' history. They rave about the great response which they receive from their customers and claim that selling a personalized cakepan hardly requires any sales effort - people just fall in love with them at first sight!

All of our cakepans are created through unique and proprietary processes which are exclusive to only our products. While other companies offer similar products, such as laser personalized pans, Cakepans by Karen is the only company to offer pans featuring unlimited personalization. We don't limit you to a choice of two or three phrases, so you can be as clever or creative as you want to be. Each of our top-quality pans also comes with snap-on aluminum lids.

Through a partnership with Cakepans by Karen, your group/organization will be able to offer one of the finest, most unique and treasured gifts. We pride ourselves on featuring only the highest quality and most unique cakepans which allow our customers the ability to express themselves and proudly accentuate their beautiful kitchens and homes. With the help of Cakepans by Karen, the sometimes tiresome task of fundraising will be a breeze when your customers see these beautiful one-of-a-kind items.

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